Actionable Agile Tools Book

with Jeff Campbell

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Are you looking for tools that actually work and aren’t just theories?

How to Improve Your Agile Toolkit With Tools That Actually Work

  • You’re expected to help teams and organizations improve and adopt Agile ways
  • You’re a pro when it comes to Agile
  • You need practical agile tools for every problem at your disposal
  • You’ve read a lot of materials about Agile and most were just “theories”

Most of the time, you’ll need tried-and-tested Agile tools to give you a starting point in solving a problem…

Actionable Agile Tools is a compilation of Agile tools developed within different teams which solved a wide range of problems in my ten years of being a Scrum Master and Agile Coach

Learn how I have helped teams improve and adopt Agile ways throughout my career.

With these tools, you can fast track your learning to help your team perform better in a shorter period of time!

This book is the key to becoming a better Scrum Master or Agile Coach.

Why You Should Buy This Book?

If you’re a Scrum Master or Agile Coach, you’ll know how hard it is to expand your knowledge and skills...

Trust me, there were times where I felt lost and confused.

Sometimes I even worry that somebody might find out that I didn’t know what I was doing.

Yes, I know you’re experiencing the same thing.

It’s just that there are limited resources online and your best hope would be learning from those that have years of experience as an Agile Coach.

Here's What Is Included In This $9 Investment

You know, I want to make sure the book doesn’t get undervalued.

It really is where I spent the most time and effort. You will be referring back to the ideas, and methods in this book for years to come.

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  • Video Bonus: How Increase Collaboration With Visualized Workflow with Jeff Campbell, author of Actionable Agile Tools, and Vasco Duarte

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